Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam Guides Mr. Chen into Conversion

_20150718_162842It was only by the grace of Allah, Mr. Shizhi Chen (32 years old) including the wife, Mrs. Kai Lin (28 years old) have decided to join Islam Ahmadiyya on Friday (17/07) at Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosque, Tuvalu. Mr. Chen was the first Chinese to convert being Ahmadi Muslim in Tuvalu, even probably in South Pacific as well. He is originally from Fuzhou, a small town located in Fujian Province, China. But right now he is one of successful entrepreneurs in Tuvalu. He has decided to convert after reading several books given by the Imam of Ahmadiyya Muslim Tuvalu. Those books were translated already into Chinese. He was very interested reading the Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam with Chinese translation, even he was able to read it completely within a month. There is another book which he is still reading it right now.  The title of the book is Islam and the Comparative Religions written by Molana Usman Chou.

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