Tuvalu Mosque, The First Muslim Mosque in Tuvalu (1991)



Rabtah Tabligh to Funafala Islet

We used small speed boat to reach this remote islet (3 hours from Funafuti)

Funafala Islet taken from far distance

Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Tuvalu with one of the inhabitant

Having lunch in one of traditional house

Golden Jubilee Jalsa of Fiji Islands Jama’at, 21th May 2011

Nawwab Mansoor Ahmad Khan Sahib (Wakilut Tabshir), PM Fiji, and Amir Fiji Sahib (Mln. Fazal Ullah Tariq)

Wakilut Tabshir, Ahmadiyya Missionaries of Fiji Islands Jama’at and Prime Minister Fiji Islands

Recitation of Poem in various languages of Pacific Islands

Muhammad Idris (Missionary of Tuvalu),Wakilut Tabhsir, and Ibrahim Arkoh (Missionary Of Kiribati)

Distinguish guests

Missionaries of Pacific Islands

Khilafat Day 2012

ImageMembers of Ahmadiyya Muslim Tuvalu Islands on Khilafat Day 2012


Recitation of the Holy Quran in Arabic and its translation in Tuvaluan, by Tevesi Tariq Ahmad