Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam Guides Mr. Chen into Conversion

_20150718_162842It was only by the grace of Allah, Mr. Shizhi Chen (32 years old) including the wife, Mrs. Kai Lin (28 years old) have decided to join Islam Ahmadiyya on Friday (17/07) at Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosque, Tuvalu. Mr. Chen was the first Chinese to convert being Ahmadi Muslim in Tuvalu, even probably in South Pacific as well. He is originally from Fuzhou, a small town located in Fujian Province, China. But right now he is one of successful entrepreneurs in Tuvalu. He has decided to convert after reading several books given by the Imam of Ahmadiyya Muslim Tuvalu. Those books were translated already into Chinese. He was very interested reading the Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam with Chinese translation, even he was able to read it completely within a month. There is another book which he is still reading it right now.  The title of the book is Islam and the Comparative Religions written by Molana Usman Chou.

Mr. Chen said that he was so inspired by Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam because there are many similarities he found on that book with Ancient Chinese Philosophy as well. For example the philosophy of moderation in Islam which it forbids living in extravagant way and emphasizes to live in moderate way. This is similar with the Ancient Chinese Philosophy which it also emphasizes living in moderation on all aspects of life as it is the key of great success. As Lao Tzu, a great Chinese Philosopher has said “one who knows that enough is enough will always have enough.” Lao Tzu has also stated that “for governing a country well there is nothing better than moderation. The mark of a moderate man is freedom from his own ideas and tolerant like the sky.” In addition, Mr. Chen also highlighted the three states of human actions which he commented that probably he is still in a first state of man and far away from being in moral and spiritual states of man. He has expressed his gratitude repeatedly after Imam Idris has given him the Holy Quran with Chinese translation as a gift for him after the procession of the Bai’at.



(Mr. Chen with Imam Muhammad Idris)

By the sheer grace of Allah, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Tuvalu is able to maintain a very good relationship with Chinese Community in Tuvalu. There were several times the representatives of Chinese Community have attended religious functions organized by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Tuvalu. For example, the representatives of Chinese Community have attended the Peace Symposium at Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosque last year. Moreover Imam Muhammad Idris was oftenly invinted by them. It has been more than 4 years, the relationship has been maintained well.

Imam Muhammad Idris has related a story that a couple months before the conversation of Mr. Chen to Islam, he saw on his dream that a Chinese guy came to the Mosque to meet him. He requested Imam sahib to teach him how to call the Azan. The complete fulfilment of his dream was the bai’at of Mr. Chen. May his bai’at bring many more conversions of Chinese peoples in the future. Ameen.

Muhammad Idris



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