Tuvalu : Catholic Bishop Attends 126th Celebration of Promised Messiah Day

???????????????????????????????Fr. Raynaldo Getalado, Catholic Bishop of Tuvalu remarks that the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is the true representative of the peaceful teaching of Islam. Despite being persecuted by other Muslims, the Ahmadis have displayed their great steadfast and replied all the opposition with peace. The meaning of the greeting of peace in Islam has been completely understood by Ahmadis in the whole world. The philosophy of the teachings of Islam which are peace, love and devotion to God have been implemented well by all Ahmadis. The Catholic Bishop of Tuvalu has given his testimony about the role of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community before more than 20 Ahmadis at the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosque in Tuvalu. Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Tuvalu has invited him to attend the 126th Celebration of the Promised Messiah Day in Tuvalu. Although this was the advanced celebration as the celebration was supposed to be on 23rd March, 2015 but it did not decrease its meaning and wisdom.

Furthermore he says that what he learns about the Ahmadiyya is the unique character of this community which is totally different with Sunni and Shiite. The peaceful character is so dominant in each and every Ahmadi. He never heard that Ahamdis fought back after being persecuted. Contrary with that the so called extremists who keep on harassing and persecuting Ahmadis. But Ahmadis remain patient and steadfast. That is how Ahmadis respond to all the persecutions and oppositions.


In addition, he encourages the Ahmadis in Tuvalu with his strong remarks that the persecution was no stranger for the Christians based on the history of Catholic. They have endured the brutal persecutions for more than 300 years. We had the similar history as well, he said. Now the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is celebrating its 126th Anniversary and as Imam Muhammad Idris has explained on his speech earlier that instead of declining, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has shown the great progress. Ahmadiyya has spread out in more than 200 countries with the population is above 50 millions. This is something that all ahmadis have to be grateful.

The Celebration of the 126th Promised Messiah Day was held by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Tuvalu successfully. Prior to the remarks given by the Catholic Bishop of Tuvalu, the National President and Missionary of Tuvalu Jama’at, Imam Muhammad Idris has delivered his speech about the background and history of the Promised Messiah Day. He said that the opposition is not something new in Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. When Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad has established his Jama’at on 23rd March, 1889 with only 40 peoples who accepted him, the opposition had already started. They were trying to shut down the Jama’at of Allah since Ahmadiyya Muslim was only a very small community but they have failed to do so. Right now with what kind of effort they would do to shut down this community while the Ahmadiyya Muslim already spread out into 200 countries with more than 80 millions Ahmadis in the whole world. This is the simple evidence that Allah the Almighty is with this community.


The program was continued with the Azan and Sya’ir competitions. The Catholic Bishop of Tuvalu was requested to be the Respected Judge on the competitions. Suprisingly, the winner of the Azan competition was Filemu sahib, one of the new converts. He just converted last two weeks ago, but he was able to win the Azan competition. The last program was lunch and the celebration was concluded by silent prayer led by the Imam of Tuvalu Mosque.

Reported by : ==Idris==


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