The 1st National Ijtema of Lajna Imaila Tuvalu

???????????????????????????????It was an historical event  ever in Tuvalu that the 1st  National Ijtema was held by Lajna Imaila on 22nd November, 2014 at Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosque in Funafuti, the capital of Tuvalu. The Ijtema was attended by more than 20 participants. It was one day Ijtema whereas it was started at 09.00 am and finished at 04.00 pm. What was special with the Ijtema that It was attended by two Chief Guests. They were Bishop of Catholic inTuvalu, Fr. Raynaldo Getalado  and the President of Women of Nanumea Community, Mrs. Figele Tipelu who is the wife of the Commisioner Police of Tuvalu as well.

The program was started by the recitation of the Holy Quran and its translation in Tuvaluan. Taking Lajna Imaila pledge was led by Sadr Lajna Tuvalu, Ms. Hilia Vavae. Afterwards the Imam of Tuvalu Mosque, Mr. Muhammad Idrees addressed the Lajna Imaila Tuvalu by delivering the message of Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V (aba) at the 36th Annual  Ijtema of Lajna Imaila UK. He has quoted the sayings of Huzoor (aba) which one of them was : “If you live in a society where a certain instruction of Allah is looked down upon or mocked, but you continue to follow God’s command then you will attain even more blessings and rewards from Him on account of your steadfastness. Thus in this society you will surely be greatly rewarded for observing the proper standards of Hijab.”

The next program was the speech of Sadr Lajna Imaila Tuvalu, Ms. Hilia Vavae who has thanked to all who participated for the success of the 1st National Ijtema. She was so grateful that Finally Lajna Imaila Tuvalu was able to organise its 1st National Ijtema and especially with the attandences of all the participants and the Chief Guests.


(Mrs. Figele Tipelu, The President of Women of Nanumea Community)

Mrs. Figele Tipelu was the first Chief Guest who delivered her speech. She opened her speech with the recitation of Al-Fatiha translated in Tuvaluan. She was glad to be given the opportunity being the Chief Guest. She wished all the best for Lajna Imaila of Tuvalu to continue progressing in all matters. She also officially opened the National Ijtema as well.


(The Bishop of CatholicTuvalu, Fr. Raynaldo Getalado)

The Bishop of Catholic in Tuvalu has explained about the significance of tolerance and the tradition of wearing veil in Catholic. He says that tolerance is something that we have to discuss frequently in order to obtain better understanding about it and the most important thing is to implement it in our society. He admires so much the motto of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community : Love for all, Hatred for none which is actually the spirit of tolerance its self. He encourages Lajna Imaila in Tuvalu to keep on wearing veils and it was part of the tradition in Catholic as well that women used to wear veils. Veil is symbol of purity and piety in Catholic as it has shown in the picture of Mary, the Holy Mother of Jesus that she always wears the veil.

The next program was speech competition whereas the Chief Guests were requested being the Honourable Judges for the competition. The topic of the speech competition was about the women in Islam. The rest of the programmes were continued by having lunch together, namaz in congregation, learning the Sura Al-Fatiha and  nazm competition. The National Ijtima was concluded by silent prayer at 04.00 pm.



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