The 1st National Ijtema of Lajna Imaila Tuvalu

???????????????????????????????It was an historical event  ever in Tuvalu that the 1st  National Ijtema was held by Lajna Imaila on 22nd November, 2014 at Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosque in Funafuti, the capital of Tuvalu. The Ijtema was attended by more than 20 participants. It was one day Ijtema whereas it was started at 09.00 am and finished at 04.00 pm. What was special with the Ijtema that It was attended by two Chief Guests. They were Bishop of Catholic inTuvalu, Fr. Raynaldo Getalado  and the President of Women of Nanumea Community, Mrs. Figele Tipelu who is the wife of the Commisioner Police of Tuvalu as well.

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Ahmadiyya Preaches on the National Radio of Tuvalu

Screenshot_2014-11-05-11-13-23-1By Allah’s grace, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Tuvalu has been spreading the peaceful teaching of Islam by medium of National Radio for 5 years. Month of October 2014 was the 5th year preaching  of  the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community  on the  National Radio of Tuvalu. The preaching was started in 2009. Ahmadiyya was officially given time slot to explain about Islam once a week every Monday night. Actually It was on Friday night but the schedule was shifted to Monday night later on. The duration of the program is about 30-40 minutes. We are so grateful for this golden opportunity.

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