Tuvalu : Eidul Adha and 1st Meeting of Majlis Amla Khuddam

wpid-collage_20141005163754538_20141005164146192.jpgTuvaluan Ahmadis have celebrated Eidul Adha on 5th October, 2014. The celebration was begun with Eid prayer at 08.00 am at Tuvalu Mosque. The Imam of Tuvalu Mosque,Mr. Muhammad Idrees led the Eid prayer and delivered Eid Sermon. He has explained about the great sacrifice of Hadhrat Abraham and Hadhrat Ishmael. He encouraged all ahmadis to dedicate their lives and all possible means to serve Allah and being able to be the true servant of Allah the Almighty as Hadhrat Abraham and Hadhrat Ishmael have given the great exemplar which was commemorated by all Muslims in the whole world every year. We must always be ready to sacrifice our wealth, times, capabilities, even our lives for the sake of Allah, he exhorted. That is the essence of the celebration today that it must be fully understood by all Muslims. There is no such celebration in Islam which is without deep meanings and significances.

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