Historical Ijtema of MKA Tuvalu

Ijtima32National Ijtema of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Tuvalu was held on August 16, 2014 located in Tepuka Islet, Funafuti. It was the first National Ijtema of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya ever held in Tuvalu. Tepuka islet is one of the islets in the island of Funafuti, the capital of Tuvalu which is uninhabited islet.Actually there are more than 20 islets in Funafuti. Tepuka Islet is one of them which is a beutiful and exotic islet. There is another islet which is well known as well so called Funafala Islaet.  There is an issue in Tepuka Islet  that there is no drinkable water at all. Peoples have to prepare drinking water if they plan to go there or they can drink coconut water. That is the only option that they can get it for drinking. But they have to make sure they can climb the coconut if they want to get it.

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Tuvalu Mosque, The First Muslim Mosque in Tuvalu (1991)


Ramadan and Iedul Fitr in Tuvalu (2014)

???????????????????????????????Ramadan is the ninth month according to the Islamic Calendar. Ramadan has begun on 29th June 2014 in Tuvalu Islands.  Ahmadi Muslims  have started to perform fasting as it was prescribed for all Muslims according to the Holy Quran, the Holy scripture of Islam. Numerous programmes were made to welcome month of Ramadan by Ahmadi Muslims in Tuvalu as well. They have gathered at the Mosque to perform a religious function welcoming month of Ramadan on 28th June 2014. The Imam of Tuvalu Mosque, Mr. Muhammad Idrees sahib has explained about the significance of fasting during month of Ramadan and encouraged all the members to perform it.

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