What did they say about The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

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Islam in the Marshall Islands

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is soon to open the first mosque in the Marshall Islands. The new mosque is a two-story cinder block construction and have about 3,300 square feet. There are two prayer halls for men and women as well as residence for the Imam, office and a library. The closest mosque in Micronesia is in Tuvalu, which was also established by this community.

It was May 2011 when the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of the United States whose motto is “Love for all, hatred for non”, concluded the lease agreement with Uliga (in Majuro) landowners to secure a site in the oceanside of the courthouse. On October 2011, the groundbreaking for the construction of a new mosque happened. National President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at, Falahud Din Shams who performed the Friday (Juma) services also led the prayers for the groundbreaking event.

According to Shams, there are many similarities between Islam and Christianity. Recognizing the Marshallese as a predominantly Christian nation, Shams and Imam I.H. Kauser stress the point that Christianity and Islam are born from the same family.  Shams explained that these religions are not enemies. Islam was just a fulfillment of what was already there. Christians are waiting for Jesus to return but Ahmadiyya muslims believe that He has already returned. They believe that the Islamic founder, the prophet Muhammad, is the second Jesus.

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Content for this post is mostly from The Marshall Islands Journal http://www.marshallislandsjournal.com/Archive%2010-28-11-page.html (accessed on 5 September 2012).

Source : http://msaphawaii.org/2012/09/07/islam-in-the-marshall-islands/