Unforgettable Story about Indonesian Fishermen during Ramadan 2011

The most unforgettable incident was when they offered to do some renovations upon the mosque. They have seen that some of the ceilings were crumble need to be repaired. I have accepted their request by providing all the materials they needed. They have done  great job. In addition, they also have made an information board to be installed  in front of the mosque. I have made a joke to them by saying : “In Indonesia, some of Ahmadiyya mosques had been vandalized, but you are here to renovate Ahmadiyya Mosque without being paid.” They replied those who vandalized your mosque had no knowledge about Ahmadiyya at all. They should not have done those shameful deeds which really put very bad image to Islam. They also have promised me that they would try to give explanations about Ahmadiyya to whom they know when they get back to Indonesia. By the grace of Allah, we had very good relationship. Until such time all of them had to leave because the Government released their vessels due to the penalty paid by the company. And we would keep this sweet memories in our minds, insha Allah.

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The Holy Quran was translated into Tuvaluan

By the Grace of Allah, the Holy Quran was also translated into Tuvaluan. People of Tuvalu Islands, one of a tiny country in South Pacific use this language as their local language despite their national language is English. When Dr. Iftikhar Ayyaz was in Tuvalu, he initiated to make the program translating the Holy Quran into Tuvaluan. The Holy Quran was translated completely in 1990 by the precious help of some local people as well. It was published also by Islam International Publications in 1990. The rendering of the translation has been done by Mr. Pulekai Sogivalu, Chairman Tuvalu Language Board and was revised by Mr. Waleed Katalake, member of Tuvalu Languge Board. The translation is based on the English translation by Hazrat Maulvi Sher Ali.

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Ontario’s Premier Hosts Reception in Honour of Head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at

Premier Dalton McGuinty also spoke his pleasure at receiving Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad. He said:

“To His Holiness, Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad – welcome to Ontario. It was an honour to have met in 2008. We are all grateful for your presence once again. And for your dedication to promoting the values that make your community so important to our province… We are fortunate to have a strong Ahmadiyya Muslim Community that is inspired by the leadership of His Holiness to promote peace, justice, equality, respect and understanding for all humanity.”

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Swiss Journalist interviews Ahmadiyya Muslim Missionary of Tuvalu

He added that Islam means love, peace and submission to God. That is how Ahmadiyya Muslim approaches the people by using this wonderful motto “Love for all, hatred for none” (In Tuvaluan “Alofa kia latou katoa, seai sefili”). People of Tuvalu are well known as loving, caring and peaceful people. Therefore by assuring them that Islam is the religion of peace and love and displaying upon them the real implementation of the teachings of Islam according to the Holy Quran, people might accept Ahmadiyya Muslim Community to live together with them even though majority of them are Christians.

(Mr. Idris and Mr. Andy, Swiss Journalist)

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