Historical Meeting with Prime Minister of Tuvalu Islands

On his historical  visit to Tuvalu, Mln. Hafiz Jibreel Saeed had opportunity to meet Prime Minister of Tuvalu, The Hon. Matia Toafa. The Prime Minister has agreed to have meeting with Hafiz Sahib on a special dinner. The dinner was held on 18th Dec,2010 at one of the Indian Restaurant in Funafuti. Mln Hafiz Jibreel has been accompanied by Mr. Muhammad Idris (Missionary of  Tuvalu Islands) on his meeting with PM Tuvalu and his wife.

Mln. Hafiz Jibreel has delivered the greetings of Hz. Khalifatul Masih V (a.b.a) to Prime Minister of Tuvalu and Huzur has congratulated him as well to be new selected Prime Minister of Tuvalu. Hafiz Sahib has delivered the invitation of Huzur for PM Tuvalu to attend Jalsa Salana (Annual Convention) in London on July 2011. Alhamdulillah, PM Tuvalu has accepted the invitation delightly, and he would put into his schedule the planning to attend Jalsa Salana in UK. The Prime Minister said that Ahmadiyya Muslim in Tuvalu has displayed Islam as the religion of peace. They have been preaching regularly about Islam by the medium of National Radio of Tuvalu explaining about Islam as peaceful religion. He really appreciated about it.

Mln Hafiz sahib has presented to PM a CD about One Community One Leader and a book which the title is Centenary Khilafat Ahmadiyya. After taking some pictures, the meeting has been ended up. Wassalam.



Maulana Hafiz Jibreel visits Tuvalu Islands

Alhamdulillah by the Grace of Allah the Almighty, Mln. Hafiz Jibreel Saeed (Naib Amir Ahmadiyya Ghana) has visited Tuvalu. He arrived in Tuvalu safely on 16th Dec, 2010. All of the members of Ahmadiyya Community of Tuvalu have welcomed him at Funafuti International Airport. Some of local people have participated to welcome him as well at the mosque. They were so excited to welcome him, because Mln. Hafiz Jibreel Saeed was the first Muslim Missionary who came to Tuvalu on 1985. Most of Tuvaluan people still recognised him well.

Furthermore the program was continued with having lunch together at the mosque. Hafiz Sahib was telling us about his journeys  and his experiences to visit  some countries in Pacific Islands. He said that he has been to Fiji, Tonga, Kiribati, Nauru, Solomon Island before he made his trip to Tuvalu. He had the same purposes fulfilled on his trip. He directed the Jamaat in those countries to obtain more progress on tabligh, ta’leem and tarbiyat.

Hafiz Sahib had some visits made to some very important persons in Tuvalu. He has visited one of the Chief in Funafuti, Mr. Siaosi. He has visited Funafuti’s priest, Rev. Pitoy at his home. He made a meeting with Prime Minister of Tuvalu,The Hon. Matia Toafa and wife. In addition, he had some visits to some of Tuvaluan families in Funafuti as well. He has delivered his speech about Islam by medium of  Tuvalu National Radio. It was a historical visit for Tuvalu Jamaat.

On 19th Dec, 2010 Hafiz Sahib has decided to end up his visit to Tuvalu. He went back to Fiji because he would continue his trip to another country in Pacific Islands. Salam.