Independence Day of Tuvalu, October 2010

Ahmadiyya Muslim Tuvalu was  invited by Prime Minister of Tuvalu to attend  the celebration of 32nd Independence day of  Tuvalu on 1st October,2o10. Mr. Muhammad Idris, as Ahmadiyya Muslim Missionary of  Tuvalu has attended  the celebration. It was an honour for Mr. Muhammad Idris as a representative of Ahmadiyya Muslim Tuvalu being one of the distinguish guests  for the celebration. Therefore this was such a good means to extend the profile of Ahmadiyya Muslim Tuvalu.

Mr. Muhammad Idris (Ahmadiyya Muslim Missionary of Tuvalu)

Vaiaku Falekaupule

Vaiaku Falekaupule

Prime Minister of Tuvalu

Vaiaku Lagi Hotel ( A Reception for the 32nd Independence Day of Tuvalu)

Vaiaku Lagi Hotel


Visiting New Prime Minister Of Tuvalu

Mr. Muhammad Idris, as Ahmadiyya Muslim missionary of Tuvalu has visited New Prime Minister of Tuvalu, The Hon. Matia Toafa at his house on 29th September,2010. The purpose of the visit was to congratulate him being selected as new Prime Minister of  Tuvalu.

New PM Tuvalu, Hon. Matia Toafa

Wife of PM Tuvalu, Mrs. Pula Matia